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Muse is a soft sensual exaltation of your feminine body awakened and captured in its most gentle, reverential & organic way. Creative healing experience of awakening and capturing your inner Muse.


Imagine how it would feel like, you being graciously connected to your relaxed body. Dissolving layers of shame with every deep breath you take as you are standing vulnerably yet empowered in your most organic feminine cloak - your skin.

Picture Yourself, finally feeling so safe and at home, in your own skin, that you desire this feeling to be captured. A living testimony and celebration of your divine femininity that will serve you as a source of inspiration and a reminder that you are the living artistry. 


You are HER , the breathing piece of art - the MUSE. 


You feel her when she weaves her magic through you. 

You meet her when you become alive. 

You embody her when you pour yourself a drink of your own medicine. 


She has never left you. 


After all, she cannot be destroyed only forgotten if her flames were dimmed for way too long. She is living and breathing within you at this very moment as you are reading these lines. She is calling you home so you can re-awaken your creative juices and feel like a walking piece of art. 



When was the last time you felt the living pulse of aliveness flowing through your body from head to toe?


When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be seen and captured in your wildly soft feminine expression? 


When was the last time you gave yourself a gift of spaciousness and slowness in nature to reconnect with your most authentic essence? 


Maybe it was recently, maybe never. 


Maybe you know how your Muse feels, maybe you don’t. 


One thing is for sure - her mysterious well of inspiration is alluring you to answer her call so that together you can savour in the waters of feminine creation and celebration.   

Will you answer Her call?

Muse is a half-a-day-long healing and creative transformational experience which takes place in the bountiful landscapes of Mallorca. 



Curated and held by two creative souls Linda and Vilma who decided to join their forces and unique talents together to bring forth this unconventional feminine journey for you. They will be guiding you through the process in a slow yet powerful way so you can put your mind at ease and devote fully to your experience. 


Firstly, Linda will take you on a playful self-exploratory inner journey to meet your most embodied and liberated self - your Muse so you can awaken her in the present moment.  When you feel the aliveness of your inner Muse flowing through your body Vilma will then in an embodied way convey your essence through the lens of her camera and together we will portray your beauty.


It is time for you to claim and capture your own unique-to-you version of womanliness. The whole process is to be held in the most natural and relaxed way that you desire. 

In addition to your in-person experience held in the breathtaking seaside of Mallorca, together we will map out your wishes and expectations for Muse during the connection call. It will take place before our meeting to ensure the experience is tailored to your personal wants and needs. 

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Creating a new story, rewriting old patterns, in symbiosis between us creators while birthing the new you. Let us take you on a date where you will meet your inner Muse.


From ashamed to empowered. From lost to a leader. 


Just like for many of us, my journey of self-love has been filled with pains and challenges alongside. Coming from oppressive family dynamics and toxic Christian programming telling me that my organic sensual expression and body are sinful was a perfect recipe for not honouring and respecting myself as a woman.


It was the process such as the one I will be sharing with you in Muse that helped me to reconcile and rebuild my inner and outer confidence and love for my body. The journey of self-reclamation guided me back to my authentic path where I became the source of my inspiration. I became my own Muse. 


Through self-love alchemy, I transformed my deepest wounds into my biggest gifts with which I am now serving other women just like you walking the path of self-love and empowerment. My vision for you is to remind you of the sacredness of your female body and the wisdom it holds by helping you awaken and express your inner Muse as a manifesto of feminine liberation. 


I am a Devotee of the divine feminine,  certified ICF Transformational Embodiment Coach and I hold a Master’s in Leadership for Sustainability from Sweden.

I can’t wait to get to know you and lead you through the process of reclaiming your softness and power.


Light is my virtue, nature is my studio, your body is my canvas


I am a photographer and creative based in Mallorca. My art closely explores the connection between human and nature - detailed capture of our essence. Photography is my visual language and self-expression that helps me transmute an inner dialogue and create a gentle reminder of self-love and acceptance while embracing ourselves in the most delicate matter. Photography is my therapy and through it I heal and I want to share this beautiful medicine with you. 


Skin, touch and landscapes of the female body, always surrounded by the sea - that is what best describes my work. Your body is my canvas, that I fill up with my gaze through the lens of my camera. It is a visual poetry, a dance and a beautiful reminder from where we came from - nature. Through my art I invite you to reconnect with what surrounds you and most importantly with yourself.



Caught up in comparison and negative self-talk of unattainable perfection that have never truly belonged to you only makes you feel less loveable, sexy and empowered in your body.


Even more hiding of your spontaneous expression, even more doubting, even more worrying and less living in the moment without the need to change a single thing about you. Yes, we were being programmed and pushed to look, speak, move, and live in certain ways that are socially more accepted and praised than others. 


Scrolling through social media, seeing all those perfect female faces and bodies feeling like they are more special, more beautiful, more gifted, more… Simply more than… you. Wondering what you would need to do or change about yourself to look this way. Pose like this, edit like that, less fat here, more curves there, hide the stretch marks and cellulite, put more make-up on, show a little more skin but not too much.  

Convinced that the camera's gaze is not meant for you, believing only slender models with expert poise can be captured with feminine grace and elegance. We were shamed for letting our bodies to be seen and our voices to be heard. So we complied out of fear of judgement, rejection and humiliation. We slowly abandoned our softly wild nature and started feeling unsafe to be sensually empowered. But at what cost?


The cost is higher than the fleeting sense of external validation we receive for being good girls. The cost is a lost sense of innocence, authenticity and aliveness. The cost is a lost connection to your inner Muse. Muse in you is not here to comply with the rules and expectations. Muse is here to inspire, intuit and ignite. Muse is here to be seen in her organic feminine beauty. With all her valleys and curves. She lives in every woman, yet not every woman makes her come alive, giving up on her powerful feminine gifts. 


She is here to remind you of your beauty and joy of what it feels like to be a woman awakened to the power of her body and her sensuality.



- A half-day-long unconventional immersion of healing and creativity in the lush landscapes of the magical island of Mallorca 


- Full presence and support from your 2 guides - Linda & Vilma- who are here to serve you with their gifts and celebrate you in your fullness and authenticity


- One 1-hour embodiment coaching session to awaken to and connect with the essence of your unique Muse (may include embodiment practices such as EFT & Breathwork)


- Movement Prayer session to unleash and embody your inner Muse


- Photoshoot that will make you feel alive and seen in your truest version, with beautiful 10-15 digital photos for your gallery 


- One connection video call before our in-person experience to talk about your desires and expectations for Muse as well as to connect and align 


- Unique experience blending inner healing, body celebration and art creation in one immersion, in the secret spots of the island


- Want to co-create a unique piece of art in which you are the main character, that will become a living testimony reminding you of your feminine beauty and power 


- Are ready to expand your vision and see your stretch marks as a living poetry of your evolution, that tells the story of what your body has healed through 


- Desire to experience that liberated feeling of letting your belly hang loose after all those years of squeezing it in, and instead become a loving witness of your softness and its ever-changing landscapes


- Already feel and know you are a walking piece of art & now you want to take your self-love journey up a notch. You want to let yourself be captured in your beauty and explore what else is possible in the realms of self-love


- Want to gift yourself a luxurious treat and experience simply because you know are worthy and iconic

- Are done with wearing yourself down for not being picture-perfect, ready to dump societal expectations about what it means to be a woman and embark on a healing self-love journey in a very unique way - the way of Muse


- Desire to reconnect with your inner Muse a.k.a your inner well of inspiration, intuition and feminine power that is here to guide you on your unique life path


Join us in the abundant landscapes of Mallorca, where every curve of your body and every nuance of your spirit will be honoured and captured for eternity. Let us guide you through this transformational experience, weaving our magic with yours to help you reclaim your feminine softness and power.

Step into the living artistry of your divine femininity. Your journey of self-love and creative empowerment awaits. Reserve your Muse Experience today by booking a free connection call with us below where we can answer all your questions. 

By saying yes to this experience you are reconnecting with the powerful, beautiful woman outside-within you and letting your inner Muse be awakened and celebrated. 

Treat yourself with this unconventional creative healing journey and let your true self shine fully. You deserve it.


*payment plans available, contact us for more details.


Will you answer the call of your inner Muse?

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